Graduate Fellowship In Clinical Translation

Information for Interested Faculty Mentors

GRADUATE STUDENT FELLOWSHIPS (Up to 3 Fellowships Awarded)

The total annual cost of supporting a fellow is currently $49,984 (including tuition, fees, stipend, benefits, and fellow support). For the first two years of the fellowship, the costs are shared as follows: 1/3 Methodist Academy, 1/3 UH Cullen College of Engineering, 1/3 divided among UH and HMRI mentors (1/6 per mentor). Each mentor is expected to pay approximately $5,450 for each of the first two years. After Year 2, the UH and HMRI mentors are expected to support the full cost of the students. The sharing of these costs will be negotiated between the co-mentors.

  • The Methodist Hospital Research Institute
  • The University of Houston
  • Primary Members at HMRI (not affiliate members)
  • Primary Faculty at UH Cullen College of Engineering (not adjunct faculty)

The UH/HMRI Graduate Fellowship is designed for UH and HMRI faculty to co-mentor highly competitive graduate students through an innovative clinical translational research project. The co-mentors are highly encouraged to seek external funding for future student stipends and laboratory research costs.


The proposals will adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Proposals are expected to describe the relevance of a joint research project to clinical translation in engineering. Proposals are not limited to any particular areas of engineering, but the components should be clearly defined, and the proposals should be directly relevant to a clinical goal.
  • The Graduate Fellowship proposal will require cross-disciplinary collaboration between at least one (1) mentor from UH and one (1) mentor from HMRI.
  • The proposal should include a plan to recruit an exceptional student. The student’s credentials should exceed the criteria for unconditional admission to the Ph.D. program in the UH College of Engineering, and should be endorsed by both mentors.
  • Co-mentors must show funding available to support students as follows:
    • Year 1 and Year 2 1/6 of student total annual costs (including tuition, fees, stipend, benefits, and fellow support) which is currently approximately $5,450 each year
    • A plan to establish funding for the Graduate Fellow beyond Year 2.

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Please direct any questions regarding this RFP to aswright [at] houstonmethodist [dot] org (Amy Wright), Program Manager, (713) 441-7267.