Readmissions Procedure Form

This form is for engineering undergraduate students that are seeking readmission from Engineering Suspension for the Spring 2023 semester. 

The policy can be found here.

Spring 2023 — December 1, 2022

Please NOTE: Students on suspension are not eligible to apply for the summer semester.

Along with this form,  students are required to submit a Statement of Readiness. 

The Statement of Readiness is to explain why you should be readmitted to the Cullen College of Engineering.  This statement must be clear and well written.  The statement must explain what went wrong, which caused the suspension.  The statement must explain what will be changed to make sure that academic success will occur in the future, and how you know that those changes will solve the problems.  All related issues, with appropriate levels of detail and information, must be addressed in this statement. 

Please NOTE:  Readmission from engineering suspension is not guaranteed.  Incomplete applications will not be reviewed. 

Engineering Suspension is independent of University Academic Suspension. 

Information on University Academic Suspension can be found here.

Readmissions Procedure Form