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Undergraduate Academic Policies
Important College of Engineering Rules


All engineering majors need to see their major department for advising requirements. It is the responsibility of students to contact their major department to make an appointment with their advisor during the hours set by the major for advising. Click here to view contact information of departmental academic advisors.

Pre-Engineering majors will be advised by the Dean's Office until they specify a major in one of the eight degree programs. Faculty advisors will help students select courses, discuss program requirements, including new or changed prerequisites, and in general help keep students aware of activities and opportunities in their department (e.g. scholarships, student organizations).

All new undergraduate students are required to meet with an academic advisor from the University Studies Division/Academic Advising Center for TASP screening before enrolling for courses. 

C- Rule

The College of Engineering requires a grade of "C-" or better for credit in any mathematics, science, or engineering course that applies toward the bachelor's degree. In addition, the "C-" is required for any mathematics, science, or engineering course used as a prerequisite for a subsequent course.

Maximum Number of Attempts

The College of Engineering policy does not allow a student to attempt Engineering courses more than two times and science or mathematics more than three times. Counted attempts include all courses that resulted in a grade of "A-F","W" or "I." Students are required to petition for third or fourth attempts. The attempts form can be found here.

Changing or Declaring a Major

You will be evaluated for major change purposes if:

  • You are a current UH student who wants to change to an engineering major.

Please review our criteria for a major change before submitting your request. Deadlines for submitting a petition to change your major are as follows:

  • Summer: May 1
  • Fall: August 1
  • Spring: December 1

Allow 2-3 weeks for processing after your most recent grades have posted.