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Graduate Academic Policies

Engineering Dean’s Masters Scholarship

Each of the departments within the College of Engineering awards scholarships to incoming Masters students. The criteria for the scholarships for the first year are as given in the Criteria for Competitive Scholarships. The department graduate program directors and the associate dean for the engineering programs review candidates and make appropriate selections. All recipients of this scholarship must be enrolled fulltime (minimum of 9 credit hours). The scholarship recipients are also considered for in-state tuition waivers based on the availability of such waivers. The scholarship is awarded with a hope that a student will attempt to finish his/her program during one year by taking sufficient credits to meet the degree requirements. The renewal of the scholarship for the second year is considered for those students who have received a GPA of 3.75 or above while maintaining a full academic load during the first year. If eligible for renewal of the scholarship, a reduced course load (less than full-time enrollment) due to an expected graduation in the last term of a program is allowed. While no petition is required for this exception, the student must submit an application to graduate through the student information system. All incoming Masters students are encouraged to apply for this scholarship.