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Graduate Academic Policies

Earning Credit Towards a Graduate Degree
  • Although grades of D+ and lower are included in the computed GPA, the university awards no graduate credit for courses in which you receive a grade below C-.
  • No 3000-level courses in the Cullen College of Engineering are applicable to a graduate degree program. Any 3000-level course from any other college must be reviewed and approved (by general petition) in advance before it can be applied to a master's program. However, no 3000-level course from any college can be applied to the Ph.D. program (page 135).
  • No 4000-level course from your major department is applicable to a graduate degree program. Any 4000-level course from another department or college must be approved in advance by petition before it can be taken to be applied to your graduate degree.
  • Certain 6000-level courses in Computer Science are not applicable to a graduate degree in engineering. These include COSC 6301, 6302, 6303, and 6304. See your advisor about which courses are applicable to your particular degree before you register for a course which may or may not apply to your degree.
  • Students taking courses at Rice, Baylor College of Medicine, or the UT Health Science Center do so through an inter-instructional agreement. This means that they pay no tuition to the institution offering the course(s). Therefore, to maintain the proper enrollment at UH, the student must submit a General Petition in their department for the appropriate number of hours at UH to qualify as full-time students, if they are required to be full-time.
  • A graduate student that has earned a grade of C+, C, or C- grade can repeat a course. Please note that both the course grades will meet the requirements of one course only.