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Graduate Academic Policies

Graduate Tuition Fellowships (GTF)

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The Graduate Tuition Fellowship provides funding to assist in defraying cost of in-state tuition of up to 12 credit hours per semester and up to 6 credit hours in the summer for qualified PhD students, who are in good academic standing. Guidelines for UH Cullen College of Engineering GTFs is as follows:

  1. The GTF is intended for PhD students (exceptions include a M.S. student on a clear path to a Ph.D. program who has to enroll as a M.S. for curricular reasons).
  2. The GTF qualifies a student for in-state tuition.
  3. The College requires Ph.D students to enroll for 12 hours/semester for three long semesters unless the student has completed their preliminary/qualifying examination. Once a Ph.D. student passes this examination, the College allows the student to enroll in 9 hours per semester until graduation. If a student has not completed their preliminary qualifying examination by the end of their third long semester, the student may enroll for 9 hours in the fourth long semester; however, the student must complete their preliminary/qualifying examination in the fourth long semester. Failure to do so will result in the GTF award being discontinued until such time that the preliminary/qualifying examination is completed. The GTF will cover up to 6 hours of enrollment during the Summer semester.
  4. A student receiving the GTF must consult with his/her departmental Director of Graduate Studies regarding enrollment requirements (reduced load, 9/12 hours in a long semester hours, 3/6 hours in a summer semester, etc.)
  5. To be considered for a GTF, the following selection priorities are in place:
    • First priority will be given to Cullen College of Engineering graduate students supported by external grants/contracts from the home department or a Cullen College of Engineering faculty member.
    • Second priority will be given to PhD students who are receiving other departmental support (TA, GA, IA, etc.)
    • Third priority will be given to M.S. students committed to continuing study for a PhD and who are receiving home department support (Ta, GA, IA, etc.)
    • Students who are supported outside the Cullen College of Engineering as a TA, IA or GA will not be eligible for the GTF.
  6. Department Chairs will submit a proposed list to the Dean based on the above priorities.
  7. After all department lists are received, a Selection Committee, as appointed by the Dean, will review the requests and make a final recommendation to the Dean.
  8. The Dean will notify the Department Chairs of students selected, and the Department Chair will provide official notification to the student.