University of Houston Cullen College of Engineering


  1. Why do I have to send an unofficial transcript?
    This allows our advisors to see all of your credits as we cannot access your records at other institutions.
  2. Do I still send an unofficial transcript even if my grades haven’t posted?
    Yes. That way we can prep your records for the end of the term. 
  3. What kind of file should I send?
    The file must be a copy of an unofficial transcript. Screenshots of Blackboard or other similar programs will not be accepted. The file must also be either a .doc, .pdf, or an image file (i.e., .png, .jpg). Files sent via electronic transfer or Google drives will not be accepted. Your name MUST be included in the document.
  4. What do I do when my grades post?
    You will need to provide an updated unofficial transcript with all final grades.
  5. I sent an official transcript. Do I have to still provide an unofficial one? 
    Yes. It can take the University several weeks to post transferred credits. Providing an unofficial transcript directly to our office allows us to expedite a decision on your petition.
    • Please be aware that our office cannot post credits to your UH records. You will still have to provide an official copy to the University.