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Ishan describes 'exciting educational journey' at UH
Mohammed Ishan Iqbal.
Mohammed Ishan Iqbal.

Mohammed Ishan Iqbal is part of this December's commencement class of the Cullen College of Engineering. He shares the reasons that went into picking UH for his master's degree in Industrial Engineering, as well as what he'll be doing after graduation.

My name is Mohammed Ishan Iqbal, and I joined this university in Spring 2022 session, pursuing my master’s in industrial engineering. It has been a wonderful two-year journey for me here on campus.

The transition from my undergraduate studies to the realm of graduate education marked a significant and thrilling phase in my life. As a graduate student, my journey has been really exciting, filled with new challenges, discoveries, and moments of intellectual exhilaration.

The opening chapter of this academic odyssey started with an admission letter – an invitation to immerse oneself into the rich tapestry of knowledge. As an international student, the excitement in me was palpable, to join this university, which is surrounded by the promise of intellectual exploration and the rich culture and diversity.

Orientation sessions served as the prologue, introducing me to a sprawling landscape of academic resources, the vibrant community of scholars, and the unwritten rules of graduate life. It is here that the first connections are forged – with faculty mentors, fellow students and the vast reservoir of research opportunities that lay ahead.

Living off campus was cool and exciting, but also filled with turmoil and difficulties. I had roommates with whom I used to share my room. Things did not go well initially as I had to adjust and make myself comfortable in such a new surrounding for me. Coming from a background where I never shared my room with anyone, I now had to, which bought a couple of changes in me along with difficulties. But having a clear goal in mind helps you learn more, adjust more and go ahead with your dreams, and eventually I was able to cope up with this difficulty.

The coursework phase unfolded in the initial chapters, laying the foundation for specialized knowledge. The classroom discussions became highly energetic and made me to ponder upon a myriad of ideas and theories, converting them to practical solutions.

In my pursuit of an industrial engineering degree here at the Cullen College of Engineering, the subjects were all accurate and aligned to my areas of interest. The regular assignments, tests and comprehensive examinations kept me abreast on all the topics being taught in class. By bolstering my skills and knowledge, I was able to successfully pass these milestones one semester after the other, transitioning from a novice to a seasoned scholar, ready to embark on the pinnacle of my academic journey.

I was an introverted person, starting from the first semester. I used to focus only on my daily works, my regular studies, and the on-campus job I was doing in the Campus Recreational and Wellness Center. I was working as an operations attendant, and I loved my part time job a lot. CRWC played one of the vital roles in shaping myself for good and instilled a sense of pride for UH in me, as well as providing me with self-confidence.

It was my second semester, when I was in the A.D. Bruce Religion Center, having food at their regular Wednesday lunch feast, when I met a girl that was much like what I have been pursuing here. Upon having further conversations with her on the table while having my lunch, I got to know that we share similar hobbies, have common interests and we vibe a lot.

This was the pivotal turning point for me, as our friendly bond helped me cope up with my stress and difficulties over time. We were then involved in having group studies together, exploring more places in and around the UH campus, having classes together, bowling in the student center and having all the possible fun in the campus. Eventually, she became a good friend of mine and we used to roam together, enjoying every bit of the campus life, attending shows and events on campus.

I realized how a true friendship could benefit both people in relieving study stress, tackling ongoing problems together related to our studies and homework assignments, as international students, in the best possible. I was not the same introverted person now and I was enjoying the life on campus.

Professors also played a vital role for me, as they were always there to help and guide me to the right path if at all I was stuck. Learning theories and applying them practically on our projects made me learn so many skills, such as being a team player, being confident and organizing work for the course taught in a systematic way.

With graduation coming up, I just can’t wait to proudly say to everyone that I am going to be a proud UH alumni and a future #COOG.

I would like to celebrate every moment I spent on this campus and thank everyone for being a part of my life, and for developing me as the person I am today. I will continue to work on myself to be my best version from here on out.

I cannot just wait to wear the cap and gown, which will become my armor to be worn proudly, symbolizing the lessons taught to me during my stay here – the hard-fought victory over intellectual challenges and everything in general.

Life at UH has helped me to grow intellectually, discover the unknown truth, and triumph from all the challenges faced. My story is a tale of resilience, passion and the relentless pursuit of knowledge that brought a huge change in me. This is an odyssey that has left an indelible mark on me and is indeed a vast landscape of human understanding.

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