New Podcast Episode: Before, during, and after Career Fair
February 15, 2022
UH SHPE President, Tahimy Landestoy
Part 3 in our Career Fair series featuring UH SHPE President, Tahimy Landestoy

In part 3 of the Career Fair series UH SHPE President, Tahimy Landestoy shares more tips that can help students best prepare for the fair. 

Before the Fair:

Perfecting your resume, researching companies, applying for jobs prior to the fair, and pre-registering for the fair.

Day of the career fair:

Practicing your elevator pitch,

Bringing paper copies of your resume, and dress sharp.

After the Career Fair:

follow the 333 rule: follow up with companies you spoke to 3 days post Career Fair, then 3 weeks, then 3 months.

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