Photos: Rockwell Lecture - Cell Biomechanics: Unlocking Determinants of Human Health and Disease
October 30, 2019
Inez Hutchinson
UH Engineering hosted another installment of Rockwell Lectures Series featuring event speaker, Gilda A. Barabino on October 11, 2019.

Another installment of UH Engineering’s Distinguished Rockwell Lecture Series was recently held on Friday, October 11. Gilda A. Barabino, Dean of the Grove School of Engineering at The City College of New York and a member of National Academy of Engineering, was the event’s speaker.

Barabino’s talk, “Cell Biomechanics: Unlocking Determinants of Human Health and Disease.” focused on understanding the link between cell biomechanics and how the delicate balance between human health and disease holds great promise for predicting disease onset and progression. The talk also explored the potential for developing effective therapies.

Barabino’s lecture addressed the questions of how biological processes lead to structural changes in the cell that are accompanied by changes in mechanical characteristics, how those changes influence disease state and how therapeutic strategies can be developed and evaluated.

Barabino also shared how probing cell biomechanics for insights into the pathophysiology of disease has important implications for treatment of individuals, specifically individuals with sickle cell disease or other diseases that have a biomechanical basis.

Barabino is a noted investigator in the areas of sickle cell disease, cellular and tissue engineering, as well as in race/ethnicity and gender in science engineering.

The Rockwell Lecture Series, which is named for Elizabeth D. Rockwell in honor of her gift to establish an endowed chair for the dean of engineering, is held annually at the Cullen College. Each year, distinguished guests are invited to the Cullen College to deliver lectures covering a variety of topics.

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