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PHOTOS: 2016 ECE Alumni Mixer


Ashley Schwartz

The Cullen College’s Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) Department held its fourth annual ECE Alumni Mixer on October 20 at Saint Arnold Brewing Company, Houston’s oldest craft brewery.

Fritz Claydon, director of the division of undergraduate programs and student success, led the evening’s festivities as ECE alumni, senior students, faculty and staff enjoyed free beer and barbeque. Attendees also had the opportunity to win raffle prizes, including tickets to a University of Houston homecoming football game.

This year’s event also served as an opportunity to celebrate the retirement of beloved ECE professor John Glover. Glover’s long-time friend and colleague, Stuart Long, gave a humorous and moving presentation about Glover’s life and his impression on the ECE department and the Cullen College. Former classmates, students and colleagues took turns sharing anecdotes about Glover and the impact he has made on their lives.

You can view the photos from this year’s ECE alumni mixer here


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