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American Jereh Supports Engineering Students With New Scholarship


Audrey Grayson

Oilfield-equipment manufacturer American Jereh International Corporation showed its support for the University of Houston Cullen College of Engineering by granting scholarships to two engineering students for the current fall and upcoming spring semesters.

As the Energy Capital of the World, the demand for skilled engineers in the city of Houston is higher than any other major U.S. city. Company leaders at American Jereh hoped to give back to the Houston community by helping engineering students at UH to successfully complete their degrees.

The academic curriculum at the UH Cullen College of Engineering is widely regarded as one of the most rigorous engineering programs in the nation. On top of the challenging course work, the majority of UH Engineering students work full-time or part-time to finance their education.

Consequently, many Houston companies in the energy industry choose to support the college and its students through academic scholarships, providing students with funding for textbooks, tuition and even on-campus housing.

American Jereh is the latest Houston-based company to provide such support.

Ricca Leatherman, vice president of human resources for the manufacturer, said that the company’s chief executives were very impressed with the caliber of graduates from the college.

“We have some very successful UH alumni here that were hired right out of college. UH Engineering students come across as highly intelligent, creative and innovative problem-solvers who are ready for the challenges ahead of them,” Leatherman said.

While the purpose of the scholarship funding is primarily to ease students’ financial burdens, it’s also an opportunity for companies to recruit talented individuals to join their teams, Leatherman added.

As a global manufacturer of advanced oilfield equipment, American Jereh serves clients in over 30 countries with custom, integrated technology for land and offshore operations. When the company’s North American headquarters was established in Houston, American Jereh’s leadership was adamant on giving back to the community in a way that would have true impact.

“In our brainstorming sessions, giving back to UH Engineering was one of the first things that came up,” said Leatherman. “We decided on UH Engineering because it’s an excellent, up-and-coming program and because we want to help the students in Houston who are the future leaders of our community.”

American Jereh provided scholarships in the amount of $3,000 for two undergraduate students pursuing degrees in electrical and mechanical engineering, respectively.

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