ECE Undergrad Hosts Robotics Workshop
April 15, 2015
Melanie Ziems
Rakshak Talwar
Rakshak Talwar

As robotic technology takes over many industries, so does the need for skilled robotic technicians. Luckily for UH students, electrical & computer engineering sophomore Rakshak Talwar is spreading his love for and knowledge of robotics to his peers through a workshop at the UH College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics.

Talwar, CEO and co-founder of RaptorBird Robotics, Inc. will provide an info session about an upcoming series of robotics workshops to teach students how to program GPS-enabled self-driving rovers based on the RAVN drone platform. RaptorBird creates the hardware in the form of the RAVN platform; Talwar wants his fellow students to learn how to program it to suit the parameters they choose.

“What I’ve noticed is the typical electrical engineer will have a hard time moving away from building hardware to creating something bigger, and the typical computer science student will dream of bigger things, but they don’t know how to communicate them down to the hardware. [RAVN] bridges the two and makes it a complete package,” he said.

Talwar says the information session will serve as a focus group to determine the interest level in the robotics projects on the part of the students, which will help him decide whether to pursue a workshop that regularly meets and performs robotics work.

“We want to do a question and answer session, hand out surveys, find out if they’re interested or not. It’s research. My mentality is that we have to know our customer. We have to know if they even exist, and if so, what they want. This is just purely research.”

The workshop will be held April 15 at 5:45 in Philip Guthrie Hoffman Hall, room 563. See the flyer here.

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