PHOTOS: Pi Tau Sigma Hosts "Engineering 101"


Melanie Ziems

In a growing effort to build relationships between the Cullen College of Engineering and local schools, Pi Tau Sigma hosted a group of 50 grade school students from Gregg Elementary for their first annual “Engineering 101” day.

Students heard from Diana de la Rosa-Pohl, PROMES director, about different engineering disciplines and then set off in small groups to spend some time gaining hands-on experience with engineering concepts. They built towers out of raw spaghetti and marshmallows, and they built anti-shock devices for a spaceship landing out of rubber bands, straws, marshmallows and other small materials.

“Overall, the students were very engaged, and they asked a lot of questions about engineering and college life,” said Gabriela Bernardes, Pi Tau Sigma vice president. After the activities, students had the chance to observe a student panel discuss their experiences at the University of Houston.

See the photos from Engineering 101 here.


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