PHOTOS: BME Day Gathers Leading Researchers at UH


Melanie Ziems

The Cullen College of Engineering department of biomedical engineering held the first annual BME Day on April 24 at the UH Hilton. The event speakers included pioneers in biomedical technology such as Shuming Nie of Emory University, Ferdinando Mussa-Ivaldi of Northwestern University, and May Wang of Georgia Tech. IEEE-EMBS president elect Andrew Laine and the National Science Foundation's Biotechnology, Biochemical and Biomass Engineering Program Director, Theresa Good, also spoke.

The department of biomedical engineering is a relatively new addition to the Cullen College of Engineering, and according to department chair Metin Akay, they hope that BME Day will “promote and strengthen the biomedical and healthcare engineering research and educational programs at UH and in Texas.”

According to Akay, it’s an exciting time to bring BME research and education to large subsets of the engineering community as well as members of the healthcare and medical industries. “Engineers and scientists have transformed healthcare by playing a critical role in developing novel and affordable technologies and therapies that improve the quality of life and save lives,” he said.

You can view the pictures from BME Day: New Frontiers in Healthcare here.


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