Agilent Technologies Donates $500 to GRC/CDC
April 16, 2014
Melanie Ziems

Agilent Technologies has played a quiet role in the Cullen College of Engineering ECE labs for several years now, but with the 2014 Graduate Research and Capstone Design conferences around the corner, they’re stepping up their involvement by contributing $500 to the event fund.

Agilent is an American company that designs and manufactures electronic and bio-analytical measurement instruments and equipment for measurement and evaluation. At UH, ECE students are already using Agilent-manufactured oscilloscopes and function generators in the labs on campus. According to Agilent corporate university executive Bill Wallace, the hands-on experience with real-world equipment is invaluable.

And with a $500 donation to the GRC/CDC, Agilent is again providing more advantages to the Cullen College student body. He and other Agilent representatives will also be attending the conference. “It’s a great opportunity for us,” Wallace said. “We get to do something to benefit the students, and we also get to gain some knowledge about the projects.”

According to Wallace, fostering a relationship with universities is important to the company. “Working with academia and the faculty is exciting. You get to have an impact on students when you’re discussing the undergraduate and graduate laboratories, and often, we provide equipment for their research projects.” They also use opportunities like the GRC/CDC to get a feel for what the emerging workforce looks like. Wallace said attending events like the conference “helps us find really valuable employees.”

For the students, interacting with industry representatives can be hugely beneficial as well. “Hopefully by interacting with industry they’ll get a better idea of what’s out there, what their career might be, what might be interesting, and where they might seek employment,” Wallace said.

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