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Subsea Program Profiled in Offshore Publication

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Toby Weber
Subsea Engineering Program Founding Director Matt Franchek (center left) with members of the Subsea Engineering Society, a group founded by UH students.
Subsea Engineering Program Founding Director Matt Franchek (center left) with members of the Subsea Engineering Society, a group founded by UH students.

OE magazine, a publication dedicated to the global offshore industry, has published an article profiling the subsea engineering program at the University of Houston Cullen College of Engineering.

The article notes that the program began offering an M.S. in subsea engineering just this year and already has 70 students. That figure, said program director and professor of mechanical engineering Matt Franchek, is expected to triple by January 2015 thanks in part to online learning options. The most popular course in the program is flow assurance. That class is taught by Phaneendra Kondapi, an engineering manager at FMC Technologies and KBR Adjunct Professor, as well as the winner of the 2013 Teaching Excellence Award from the Society of Petroleum Engineers International. His course has more than 40 students, making it the largest graduate class at the University of Houston.

“Students enrolled in Dr. Kondapi’s flow assurance course are getting job offers just on taking that class.” Franchek said in the piece. “I don’t have anyone in subsea coming up to me and saying they can’t find a job.”

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