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UH Engineering Students Receive Access to E-Learning Library


Esmeralda Fisher

A Houston multimedia company has given UH Cullen College of Engineering students access to an e-learning library that will enhance their knowledge of the petroleum industry.

PetroEd provides a range of multimedia technical training for the oil and gas industry with a comprehensive e-learning library. The company’s Open Petroleum Education Network (OPEN) allows students all over the world to take e-learning courses, at no cost to either the student or their educational institution. The OPEN program is subsidized by companies in the energy industry, benefitting not only students who are setting the foundation for their future careers, but also the companies who gain from a well-educated workforce.

Thomas Chen, a junior in petroleum engineering, worked with Greg Bihn, president of PetroEd, to bring this opportunity to UH. Licenses are available for select titles in geology formation, oil/gas industry overview, well control, and drilling operations, all at no cost to students. “So far, most of the subscribers are petroleum, mechanical engineering students, and a few finance/supply chain students,” Chen says. “We are reaching out to more students so they can benefit the most out of this by the end of December.”

Chen is President of the UH student chapter of the American Association of Drilling Engineers (AADE). At a recent chapter meeting, Bihn presented one of the e-learning courses in the OPEN program to students. An added benefit of the courses, he says, is the multi-language delivery format that allows non-native speakers to acquire knowledge of oilfield topics while learning the vocabulary necessary to advance in this jargon-rich field.

Students requesting access to the OPEN eLearning material should contact Thomas Chen at aadess [at] uh [dot] edu.


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