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Omron Gift Supports Senior Design, Scholarships
Lindsay Lewis

The Omron Foundation has given $27,500 to the University of Houston Cullen College of Engineering to establish an endowed scholarship for students and to support Capstone Design, a course for senior engineering majors.

The gift was made possible through the efforts of Houston-based Omron Oilfield and Marine, one of the Omron companies that funds the foundation.

"We are excited about establishing a relationship between Omron and the University of Houston," said Robert Bost, president and chief operating officer of Omron Oilfield and Marine.. "Omron is very committed to giving back to each of the communities in which we are located. This scholarship serves a triple purpose in helping students further their education, promoting electrical engineering careers and supporting UH."

Omron Oilfield and Marine is a leading manufacturer of AC and DC drive systems and custom control systems for the international oil and gas industry. More specifically, they provide power distribution equipment and automated control systems for offshore and mobile drilling rigs.

In addition to endowing the scholarship, Omron will be providing support for a team of students working on a senior design project, giving the company's engineers an opportunity to mentor UH students.

"We are very pleased to see companies such as Omron take the extra step to mentor our students," said Joseph Tedesco, Elizabeth D. Rockwell Dean and professor. "All kinds of student support, whether scholarships or mentoring, helps us provide the best educational experience for these future engineers."

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