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UH Engineering Advisor Sharon Gates Receives UH Staff Excellence Award


Portia-Elaine Gant
Chemical Engineering Professor Demetre Economou nominated Sharon Gates for the UH Staff Excellence Award. Photo by Jeff Shaw.

For a majority of the 400 chemical engineering undergraduate students, Sharon Gates is more than a familiar face. From working with the students in the classroom to academic advising, she balances her students’ needs like a pro, or a Mom according to associate chair Demetre Economou.

“Sharon takes care of a wide array of duties, and she does all of that with incredible diligence, attention to detail, and skill,” Economou said. “She is so dependable. I would even feel comfortable letting her run the show.”

Undergraduate students are not the only people reaping the benefits of Gates’ hard work. Gates manages tasks for graduate students and other areas of the Cullen College of Engineering.

“Ms. Gates is the advocate of undergraduate and graduate students. She knows most of them by name and is familiar with their backgrounds, needs and achievements,” professor James Richardson said. “She is willing to take on tasks not part of her duties such as organizing mailing, soliciting funds for the department, and helping new graduate students find accommodations, because they need doing, and she wants the department to succeed.”



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