New Engineering Career Center Offers Employment Resources to Engineering Students


Brian Allen
Cheri McClellan of BASF interviews engineering student Lazaro Medrano as part of the UH Cullen College of Engineering's new career services for students. Photo by Jeff Shaw.

Engineering students seeking employment can find assistance at the new Engineering Career Center, which is open and providing services in Suite E316, Engineering Building Two.

The University of Houston Cullen College of Engineering recently launched the center, which will offer assistance, advice and job leads for engineering students, says Director Vita Como. “Opportunities for our students to begin building work experience are going unfulfilled, and it’s our job to help them seize those opportunities and begin developing their careers before graduation.”

The center is taking its message into the classroom, where Como has been visiting with students to increase their awareness of the center and encourage them to think about work experience while they’re still in school.

“If a prospective employer has a choice between hiring a good student with previous work experience or a student with no experience but a higher grade point average, most would choose the student with work experience,” Como says. “Building meaningful work experience should be as important to students as making good grades, because when the time comes to find a job, it’s the students who have managed both successfully that will have the advantage.”

The center provides full-time, intern and co-op employment information, job listings, assistance with resumes, interview scheduling and interview training. As the center expands its services over the next few months, it will provide a Web-based interface for students and employers.

For more information on the center, contact Vita Como at 713-743-4216.


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