Cullen College of Engineering Desk Manual Policies and Procedures

Staff Postings

  • 10 day posting – All postings internal and external will be required to be posted for a minimum of 10 business days. ( Does not include weekends and Holidays)
  • Templates – Templates will be pull based off of the position number in PeopleSoft.
  • Closing Posting – Posting will close automatically after 10 days to review all applicants. (Exceptions for national posts, multi-post, advertised jobs and others.) Postings can be reopened after application are reviewed. Please note that any applications that do not fit the department requirements need to be dispense.
  • Backgrounds

    • CHRIs will be housed within Taleo
    • Employees will receive an email from HireRight to complete the required information
    • For those employees not hired through Taleo, CHRIs will still need to be requested online; CHRI Request Link (Please note that paper CHRI are no longer in use.)
  • Offer Letter – Will be sent and accepted Via Taleo.
  • Taleo Onboarding

    • Employees will complete all forms online in Taleo:

      • Offer Letter
      • Personal Data Sheet
      • EEO information
      • CHRI
      • I-9 (Employees hired via Taleo will complete section 1 in Taleo. Employees will complete section 2 in staff orientation.
      • Direct deposit
    • Department onboarding

      • Mandatory Training
      • Orientation
      • Key and Computer Set Up
  • Setting up Delegates in Taleo - You can only set up a delegate who has the same set of roles, such as College approval or Executive approval.

    • Under Resources, click My Setup
    • Under Account Information, click Delegate
    • You can search by name
    • You must enter a start date and end date
    • Click Save

Taleo Training

  • Online

    • Register in PASS for SH1704
    • Access the training the next dat TAP
  • Request for Department Taleo Training for one on one session with department are TBA.

For any these sessions, please check the HR Course Calendar for registration and information.

HR Course Calendar-