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Cullen College of Engineering Desk Manual Policies and Procedures
Peoplesoft Navigations


Budget Journal Creation: Main Menu/Commitment Control/Budget Journals/Enter Budget Journals

Budget Summary (1063): Main Menu/Custom Reports/GL/Budget Summary (1063)
[Runs a report that will give you a summary of all cost center budgets only (no fund equity)]

Cost Center Definition: Main Menu/Business Processes/GL/Cost Center Definition
[If you need to look up a cost center (i.e. to see if it’s active or inactive, or if you’re looking for a particular fund code cost center, or even all departmental cost centers). Enter whatever information you need, as much or as little. Look up all departmental cost centers by entering just department. Or all departmental fund codes by entering department and fund code.]

Dept Verification Report (1074): Main Menu/Custom Reports/GL/Dept Verification Rpt (1074) –

Fund Equity Report:  Main Menu/Custom Reports/GL/Fund Eqty By Dept Range (016) – Run this report to tell you all your cost center fund equity (does not include budget)

General Journal Creation: Main Menu/General Ledger/Journals/Journal Entry/Create/Update Journal Entries

Purchase Requisition Creation: Main Menu/Purchasing/Requisitions/Add/update Requisitions

Query Manager: Main Menu/Reporting Tools/Query/Query Manager
(allows you to run queries)

Voucher Creation: Main Menu/Accounts Payable/Vouchers/Add/Update/Regular Entry

Human Resources

BOB Report: Main Menu/UHS HRMS Budget/Reports/BOB Report
(tells you what people have been paid from which cost center)

eForms Home Page: Main Menu/Department Self Service/eForms Home Page
(create ePAR, ePRF, ePOI, eRAF)

Job Data: Main Menu/Workforce Administration/Job Information/Job Data
(Used to lookup an employee to seejob information, position, salary, start date, end date, etc.)

Leave Accrual Report: Main Menu/UHS HRMS Benefits/Reports/Leave Accrual Report

Position Funding Report: Main Menu/UHS HRMS Budget/Reports/Position Funding Report

Payroll Verification Reports: Main Menu/UHS HRMS Payroll/Reports/Payroll Verification Reports

Position Funding: Main Menu/Set Up HRMS/Product Related/Commitment Accounting/Budget Information/Department Budget Table USA
[Use this link to look up where any position is funded (cost center).]

Review Paycheck: Main Menu/Payroll for North America/Payroll Processing USA/Produce Payroll/Review Paycheck
[Use this link to review an employee’s paycheck if there are problems. If you verify their salary is correct, you should send them to the HR Service Center (325 McElhinney) as it’s usually a payroll issue (deductions) and the only thing departments have control over is gross salary, not deductions.]

Query Viewer: Main Menu/Reporting Tools/Query/Query Viewer

Suspense Report: Main Menu/UHS HRMS Payroll/Reports/FY Suspense Reports.
(When positions are not properly funded, their salary and/or benefits may go in “Suspense”. You have to run these reports and correct them via an eRAF. All Suspense is collected in the college so the College has to ensure all departments clear their suspense timely.)