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Cullen College of Engineering Desk Manual Policies and Procedures
Certifying Signature

The Executive Director of College Business Operations delegates certifying signature to the departmental employees who are responsible for the business oversight in the individual units and report to the Executive Director in addition to the respective unit head.

Certifying signature is defined in MAPP 05.02.01

Certifying Signatory: The university employee who is authorized to certify expenditures for a department, project, college or division and whose signature must appear on any expenditure document or indicate approval by e-mail for any transactions initiated by that unit that are not approved through workflow.
Responsibilities include:

  1. The expenditure is made for the purpose for which funds were budgeted;
  2. The expenditure is properly authorized;
  3. The procurement process was followed and the documents are prepared in accordance with all state, federal, System and university guidelines;
  4. The funds required are available; and
  5. The transaction complies with pertinent rules and regulations required by external funding sources and/or oversight entities.

The College reserves the right to remove certifying signature for anyone who is misusing their authority.