Cullen College of Engineering Desk Manual Policies and Procedures
Cash Handling Policies

In accordance with MAPP 05.01.01, Cash Handling, all cash transactions involving the University, its colleges, or any departments are subject to all applicable state laws and regulations and University policies and procedures, including University of Houston System Administrative Memoranda 03.A.07, – Petty Cash Procedures, 03.F.01 – Gift Acceptance, and 03.F.04 – Cash Handling. All University employees have a fiduciary responsibility to the University to handle cash properly. Procedures for the handling of cash receipts are designed to provide accountability for monies received in accordance with accepted standards of internal controls. All employees of the College/Division are responsible for complying with the policies and procedures described below.

A copy of the College's Cash Handling Procedures can be found on the Business Operations shared drive (Business Operations\DBAs\Baseline Standards_Engineering).