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Cullen College of Engineering Executive Leadership Board

Executive Leadership Board Member

Chidi Opurum
Chidi Opurum (’06)
Instrument, Safety & Controls Team Lead, Phillips 66 Sweeny Refinery

Chidi Opurum is a highly skilled engineering graduate that is a leader with over 17 years within the oil and gas industry. With a passion for collaboration, innovation, and problem-solving, Chidi has established himself as a talented professional in the field.

Chidi graduated from University of Houston in 2006 with a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering. During his studies, he enjoyed learning, tutoring, and mentoring subjects with the STEM arena while being extremely active in engineering and social based student groups including but not limited NSBE, PROMES, SAC, SEP, and several others.

After completing his degree, Chidi embarked on his career journey by joining Phillips 66 Control Systems Engineer. After taking this roll, he quickly demonstrated his technical prowess and ability to design, develop, and implement efficient control systems to optimize production processes. Since then, Chidi has taken individual and leadership roles in operations, maintenance, technical, and human resource.

What sets Chidi apart is his ability to analyze complex data sets, identify process inefficiencies, and implement effective control strategies to optimize performance — and most importantly is his innate nature to collaborate with diverse background of individuals.

With a continuous focus on professional and college development, Chidi has stayed active on University of Houston campus through networking development opportunities, speaking sessions, and over 10 years of career fair support.

Chidi's continues to enjoy dedicating his time and energy to helping others succeed behind him through college and career development.