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HoustonPBS UH Moment: UH Student Develops Self Heating Concrete

UH Student Develops Self Heating Concrete
July 7, 2010

Christiana Chang lives where temperatures rarely dip low enough to produce snow let alone ice. Yet in a lab at the University of Houston she is in the midst of perfecting something that just may garner a smile from those in regions where wintery weather wreaks havoc on commutes: Self-heating roads.

HoustonPBS UH Moment: Buffalo Soldiers Project

Buffalo Soldiers Project
May 19, 2010

University of Houston Engineering Prof. Ali Kamrani, working with the Smithsonian and Buffalo Soldiers museum, has used rapid prototype technolgoy to recreate the skulls of 3 post Civil War Buffalo Soldiers recovered from a desecrated burial site in New Mexico. A forensic sculptor used the skull replications to give a face to the soldiers. It's a part of a museum exhibit in honor of the Buffalo Soldiers.


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