G.R.A.D.E. Camp

Frequently Asked Questions

GRADE Camp will be held virtually this year. The below FAQs may not be relevant for 2021. Thank you. 



Is it a day camp?


What time does the camp start and end?

8:30am - 3:30pm

What are the camp dates?

June 14-18, 2021

Can I switch weeks?

Yes, you can switch weeks as long as there is room in the week you want to attend. Also there has to be at least two weeks before the camp that you would like to attend to even be considered.

What is GRADE Camp?

GRADE CAMP is a week-long day program designed specifically for entering 8th to 12th grade girls who want to find out what engineering is all about through hands-on experience. GRADE CAMP emphasizes career exposure rather than career choice, so you can come just to experience something new. Not only will you gain valuable engineering knowledge and experience working in teams, but you will also have a lot of fun! By the end of Camp, you will have gained valuable insight from Houston-area female engineers and engineering students and you will have designed your own robot that can make its way through a maze!

Is it an overnight camp?

No, GRADE camp is a daytime camp and will begin at 8:30am and end at 3:30pm, except on Friday, where GRADE camp will end at 3pm. Campers will need to find their own transportation to and from camp every day.

Can I drop my camper off before 9am when camp starts?

Yes, 8:30am is the earliest the students can be dropped off.

Can I pick my camper up late?

No, students must be picked up at 3:30pm.

Will transportation be provided?

No, transportation will not be provided.

My daughter already went to GRADE Camp, can she come again?

No, we try to have spots available for those who have not yet experienced our camp.

If my daughter comes twice, does she get twice the scholarship to go to the University of Houston?

No, the scholarship amount if she decides to go to the University of Houston remains the same. We also try to have spots available for girls who have not attended the camp so it is unlikely that your daughter will be able to attend twice.

Do you know of area camps for boys?

Yes, there are other camps for engineering designed for both girls and boys.

What is the deadline for the application and payment?

Application deadline is May 15. We begin evaluating applications as early as January 2021. We strongly urge that you send your application in early because space is limited and once we are full, you will then be placed on the waiting list.

Will lunch be provided?

Yes, lunch will be provided so there is no need for your daughter to bring anything. Snacks will also be provided throughout the day.

Does my camper need any money for GRADE camp?

No, everything will be provided for each camper.

Where do I drop off my camper?

For those unfamiliar with the UH Campus, we have assigned a designated location for parents to drop off campers. GRADE camp staff members will be available in parking lot 19E (a map will be emailed to you) beginning at 8:30am to receive all campers and escort them to the GRADE Camp room (E319 Engineering Bldg. 2).

Where do I pick up my camper?

Pick your camper up where you dropped them off in parking lot 19E (a map will be emailed to you). There will be camp mentors out waiting with the campers until the last camper is picked up.

Can my camper be dropped off/ picked up by another person?

Yes, there will be a drop off/pick up form and as long as you have authorized the person to pick them up or have sent a note then your child may be picked up by another person.

Can my camper carpool with another camper?

Yes, as long as there is a note with a signature letting us know that your child will be riding with another camper or that you have specified that the camper will be carpooling in the drop off/pick up form.

What kind of activities will GRADE camp have?

There will be hands-on engineering from building speakers, measuring voltage and current, building projects, and even building a robot and programming it to go through a maze.

Where can I find a schedule for GRADE camp activities?

GRADE camp activities schedule

Does GRADE camp offer a vegetarian meal choice?

Yes, there is a vegetarian option for food. Food allergies and whether your camper is a vegetarian or not is to be reported on a form that will be emailed to you once you’ve been accepted called Special Dietary Needs Form.

What are the hours of GRADE camp?

8:30am-3:30pm Monday- Thursday and 8:30am-3pm on Friday

What grade does my camper have to be to be considered for this program?

The camper is eligible for GRADE camp as long as they are female and are in, or are entering, grades 8-12.

Are there any requirements for the GRADE camp program?

Yes, be an entering 8th to 12th grade female. Have completed or be taking appropriate math and science courses for your grade-level. Have an interest in or curiosity about engineering.

Will my camper be able to bring food or drinks to the camp?

Campers may only bring outside food items if there are special dietary needs that have been discussed with the camp director and have been identified on the dietary needs camp form filled out before camp begins.

Where can I find a GRADE camp application?

G.R.A.D.E. Camp Program Application

Where can I find GRADE camp forms?

GRADE camp forms will be emailed to you as soon as your daughter is accepted into a camp week. Forms can be signed and emailed to grade.uh [at] gmail.com, or mailed to:

GRADE Camp Director
Cullen College of Engineering
University of Houston
E316A Engineering Bldg. 2
Houston, TX 77204-4010

Will my camper be able to contact me during camp using their cell phone?

Cell phones must be kept on vibrate (i.e. ringer turned off) and not used except in emergencies during Camp.

What does being placed on the waiting list mean?

Being placed on the waiting list means that there is not enough room in the specific camp that you are trying to get your daughter in. You have the option of staying on the waiting list or changing the camp you specified that you wanted your daughter in and if there is enough room in another camp she will be considered for that camp week instead.

If I am placed on the waiting list, can I still attend the camp for that summer?

You can still attend if a space opens up for the week of camp that you want to attend. You can also consider switching camps to a camp week that is not full.

If I am on the waiting list, will I be able to receive a full refund?

We will be accepting applications until the camps are completely full. If we receive your application after the camps are full, we will contact you to see if you would like to be placed on our GRADE Camp waitlist or receive a full refund. If you are on the waitlist and no spaces become available, you will receive a full refund.

Can my camper be paired with another camper for the same camp?

Yes, there is an option on the application to put a partner that you would like to be paired with in the week that you sign up for GRADE camp. We encourage that you invite a friend and share a great experience at the University of Houston.

Can I cancel a GRADE camp application?

Yes you may cancel an application. Cancellations received after May 1, 2021 will result in a $100 processing fee. No refunds will be given after May 31, 2021.

How can I contact GRADE camp by email, phone, or mail?

You can contact GRADE by email to grade.uh [at] gmail.com, or mail to:

GRADE Camp Director
Cullen College of Engineering
University of Houston
E316A Engineering Bldg. 2
Houston, TX 77204-4010

Can I pick my camper up early?

Campers can only be picked up early if it has been prearranged with the camp director but it is not encouraged.

What happens if my camper cannot make it to the last day ceremony?

We do not encourage campers missing the ceremony. The students work in teams and if a team member does not show up, the other campers will have to make up the work and do the missing camper's presentation.

How does my daughter need to dress for GRADE camp?

Camp dress code: campers are encouraged to wear tasteful and appropriate clothing. Campers are also suggested to bring a light jacket as the rooms might be cold.

Will my daughter be able to have visitors during camp?

No, visitors to campers are not permitted.

Will my daughter be safe at GRADE camp or be free to roam around the University of Houston?

Yes, your daughter will be safe at the University of Houston and will always be with a group of campers and mentors so your child will not be allowed to roam about campus on their own.

Will my daughter be able to take an off-campus lunch?

No, all lunches will be on campus and are provided by GRADE camp. Leaving camp at anytime without a special circumstance and a parent is not permitted.

Will my daughter be photographed and her pictures used in University of Houston publications?

Yes, there will be a media release form because pictures will be taken all throughout GRADE camp. You will be emailed that form which will need to be signed and sent back.

Will I be able to obtain pictures taken during camp?

Only pictures of your camper. We have campers sign a photo release form but these pictures can only be used for camp/university purposes.

Do students get a stipend for attending camp?


Contact Information

G.R.A.D.E. Camp Director
University of Houston
Cullen College of Engineering
E316A Engineering Building 2
Houston, Texas 77204-4010
Email: grade.uh [at] gmail.com


G.R.A.D.E. CAMP is sponsored through industry support from ExxonMobil, Halliburton, BP and Fluor.

The University of Houston is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action institution.
Minorities, women, veterans and persons with disabilities are encouraged to apply.