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Dr. Dawood, Mina

Cullen College Engineers Bring TxDOT Bridge Ratings Up to Date

Driving in Texas? You'll appreciate the work of (L-R) Mina Dawood, Qianmei (May) Feng and Abdeldjelil Belarbi

Take a car trip from Houston and you’ll likely drive over one of the 50,000 bridges that span the great state of Texas. During your drive you probably never wondered if the weight limits on the bridges were accurate. But then, that’s why we have Mina Dawood, associate professor of civil and environmental engineering in the Cullen College.

Engineers Earn Grant to Expand Base Plate Connection Research in Low-rise Metal Buildings

Metal buildings comprise almost 50 percent of all non-residential, low-rise construction in the United States. The most common configuration is the gabled frame with sets of exterior columns supporting rafters that form house-shaped peaks, and base plates serve as the load-resisting mechanisms that withstand horizontal forces, such as high winds.

Civil Engineering Faculty Writing Bridge Design Specs for New Structural Material


A civil infrastructure that provides essentials like clean running water and passable roads is essential to a healthy and prosperous society. While concrete and steel remain the backbones of modern infrastructure, civil engineers are exploring ways to add advanced composite materials to the mix. These materials could increase the service life of existing structures in need of repair and new structures alike by decades.

Professors’ NSF Grant To Develop Advanced Adhesives for Composites


Wind turbines, aircraft, and automobiles could become more tough and durable thanks to research being conducted at the University of Houston Cullen College of Engineering. All of these use composites, materials that contain two or more constituents that have distinct properties. In these examples, the composites are composed of a polymer resin and reinforcing fibers such as glass or carbon.

Report Examines Cracking and Fatigue in Highway Illumination Poles


Mina Dawood, assistant professor of civil and environmental engineering, has published a report outlining factors that contribute to cracking of high mast illumination poles during fabrication. The report also provides strategies to prevent these cracks and potential failures from occurring.

College Faculty Recognized for Teaching, Research

Dean Joseph Tedesco recognized UH Cullen College of Engineering faculty members for outstanding teaching and research during the 2010-2011 academic year at the college's Spring Faculty/Staff Meeting May 3.

Professor Developing Patch for Repairing Cracked Steel


Mina Dawood, assistant professor of civil and environmental engineering with the Cullen College of Engineering, recently received a three-year, $300,000 grant from National Science Foundation to develop a new method of repairing cracks in steel structures such as bridges.